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Bringing Support and advice for the older generation to your local community
The Wrinkly Word   Headlines
The Wrinkly Roadshow Tour Dates
Our pop-up events have been a great success.  We are looking for farmers' markets, village fetes, country fairs and any events that you think we should be at..
We also provide talks and events for community & support groups
Come and have a chat and see how we can help
Look out for these events via Facebook & Twitter. We will be appearing in some strange places
We will be back on tour later in 2017

Our Wrinkly Helpline

Our Wrinkly Helpline is now ready to take your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week


The dedicated, round-the-clock phone number to call for all your Wrinkly questions is...


0800 368 8377


The new number includes all Wrinkly services.


Who you can contact:


The Roadshow advice team - providing free and impartial advice for the elderly and vulnerable


The events team - providing information for all our events and events in your local areas

The Network team - providing information and support for businesses and organisations


Our service also now includes an improved out of hours service which has been introduced to help our customers use the service more effectively if they get into trouble outside our normal office hours

Our office hours:

Monday – Friday 9am-10pm

Saturday 9am-10pm

Sunday 10am-10pm


At 10pm the phone lines will switch to the out of hours service which will be able to assist with immediate response enquiries and/or emergencies


All other enquiries will be logged on our system for a team member to call-back during our normal office hours

If you have any questions about our out of hours service you can email us at

"We're not WRINKLIES!"

We know you are not wrinkly.  We know you are not old.  The Wrinkly Roadshow wants to take the stereotype of our older generation and give it a good shake.  Help us to show that being older does not mean that you are incapable of looking after yourself or making decisions for yourself.  


Help us build an older community of funky, fiesty older people who will shout about how fabulous they are!


Come along to our Roadshow you won't be disappointed


How it all started!

Watch Kelly Duke our founder explain the concept of The Wrinkly Roadshows 

What is The Wrinkly Roadshow?

Who said getting old is no fun!  At the Wrinkly Roadshow we don’t believe that AT ALL!


Retirement is the time to make up for all those hours spent working at a desk wishing for 5pm to hurry up.  It is time to dispel the myth of ageing. 


Just because you may have a few wrinkles it doesn’t mean that you are not up to mischief!


Do you have ageing parents that need information but don’t want to consider the future? 


Why not pop along and find out for yourself what they need to know.


Do you know what is happening on your doorstep? 


The Wrinkly Roadshow would like to let you know about your local village clubs and organisations which are available for you right now.


we also would like to know about things you want to do in your village community so we can set up new interest groups and activities. 


Do you want to build a walking football village league, have a regular jive party or cinema night in your village?  Let us know.


We would like to keep you as informed and as independent as possible to allow you to enjoy your retirement without worry or concern for the future.  Knowledge is power. Planning for the future is key.


Come and speak to our top team of lawyers, independent financial advisers, care home finders, home care providers, equipment providers, sports and entertainment teams, healthcare teams, community safety groups, benefit and utility bill advisers to make sure you have all the facts before you need them.


We know our exhibitors, how they work and how they think.  Like all of us at the Roadshow they care about people’s futures and want them to be the best they can. 


We all like working together to ensure that the best quality is possible. 


Isn’t it about time, information, support and advice was joined up and brought to you!

Your Comments about us....

“The Wrinkly Roadshow was fantastic. I found so many helpful people. I now volunteer for one of their exhibitors and found  companionship people for my husband. Thank you Wrinkly!”

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