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The Wrinkly Roadshow is about?

The Wrinkly Roadshow takes support and advice on tour for the older generation to the local community.

Whether you need legal, financial or accounting advice; benefit, adaptation or equipment advice; domiciliary, home care, nursing care or residential home advice; health and well being advice or just simply advice on fun things to do in your area come to your nearest Wrinkly Roadshow to find out what is happening on your doorstep.


We will be travelling across Kent during 2016 and providing information and advice for the older generations within our communities.

All of us on the Roadshow want to support and develop our local community knowledge and prevent isolation and loneliness by having fun!


It is our goal (albeit a rather large one) is to improve the flow of information required by our older generations, support them and their families to improve quality of life and prevent loneliness and isolation.


Have a question just Contact us

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